From 2020, we have introduced two new downloads to help you run a group – with participants each in their own home! 

Living and Telling is an ideal way to learn to share your faith in Jesus whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, whether you are in the same room as someone or far apart.  The apostle Peter reminds us to, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”  We still have the best news on Planet Earth, and we must not keep it to ourselves.  Is that possible during lockdown? 

Living & Telling Online is the perfect opportunity to grow our skills in sharing our faith, naturally and helpfully, whether online or off.  Living & Telling will also help you prepare for life after lockdown.  People are asking questions.  The church is asking questions.  We need to get ready. 

If you are unable to obtain any of the printed resources, we are happy for you to download all of them (except the wristbands!), for your personal use only, totally free of charge.  You will find these on the Downloads page, once you have registered. 


To help your group to run Living and Telling online, we can now offer you two additional new resources to help you make sure it is still fun and enjoyable. 

The Living & Telling Online Participant’s Guide

This is a brand new resource and is available to all group members to help them engage with the training online.

The Living & Telling Online Leader’s Guide

This expanded version has loads of helpful tips on using Zoom to bring your group into the same room.